Life passing by….

In my thoughts… I used to imagine that after school , life will be great,i mean independent and beautiful..but its more boring awkward and fake.. Its going to be a whole year and i have lost some where nothing is left in life to do and to cheer up for…. Oh god where i m […]

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Hey friends,today i had started a new journey wd u…i don’t exactly know when it will all end but i hope it remains for long as i don’t know how this works or anything about this wordpress.. But i just love writing its my passion,hobby or whatever anyone can say ,so ,i am here… If […]

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Now a days,people don’t find life beautiful….don’t know why they don’t realise the beauty arround themself, the real world is so fascinating and charming that can increase anyone’s heart beat.. And love the most beautiful feeling in this whole world may be the most involuntry.. Never occurs at the right time but makes everything right…every […]

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